Month: March 2019


Bail Bonds before the Administration

Functioning A. Classification of risk Prior to the issuance of the surety insurance, the Company must proceed with the risk classification of the Contractor that requests it. The risk classification consists of setting a maximum amount of risk that the Company can assume with respect to a Contractor. To be able to study the risk […]


The Crime of Fraudulent Bankruptcy and Simple Bankruptcy

Legal guide to the crimes of bankruptcy (simple and fraudulent) provided for and punished by the articles 216 and 217 of the bankruptcy law What is bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a crime that occurs whenever an entrepreneur or a company declared bankrupt with a sentence by the judicial authority puts in place imprudent actions to prevent […]


The Crime of Corruption

Legal guide to the crime of corruption with all there is to know and the most significant jurisprudence, updated to the anti-corruption law 2018 Corruption is a phenomenon that occurs when a subject acts against his or her duties and obligations in the face of obtaining money or other benefits. Corruption is penalized by our system, […]


What is the Surety Bond

The civil code governs the guarantee on art. 1936 cc describing the notion from the subjective point of view and qualifying the guarantor as “the one who, by obliging himself personally to the creditor, guarantees the fulfillment of an obligation of others “. The surety obligation can originate both from the law and from the […]