Month: April 2019


Bail Bondsman Class

Bail Servants provide bail payments to get criminal suspects out of jail until their scheduled court date. Suspects should give bail bond companies personal information and collateral so they can’t run off when they get out of jail. Bail band companies are essential to the criminal justice system because without them the system should keep […]


Bail in Cash by a Public Authority

In the context of various laws, public authorities ask for funds to be deposited with the Deposit and Cash In Office. In many cases, it is the tax authorities (VAT, Customs and Excise, etc.) who request a guarantee from the DCO to guarantee fiscal obligations. For example: the liable representative of the non-resident taxpayer for […]


The Crime

What is the crime, the personality of the criminal responsibility and the types of crime Guides to criminal law A crime is defined as voluntary human behavior, which takes the form of an action or omission aimed at harming a legally protected asset and to which the legal system triggers the imposition of a penalty […]