Home Loan Reform


One of the dreams of many people without a doubt is to reform your home to get more comfort in it, since it is the place where we spend a large amount of time a day and enjoy every time we are in it, so Do not stay with the desire to do what we dream so much at home, for this there is the new home loan of Bigbank .

It is one of the best credits that can be used for this purpose at present, since the conditions are quite acceptable taking into account the competition. It is precisely for this reason that today we will know a little more about the main characteristics that are part of this.

Advantages of Bigbank Home Loan

Among the main characteristics that are part of the Bigbank Home Loan, for example, users have the ability to request an amount ranging from 1000 to 15 thousand euros to make the improvements that most seem convenient in their home, the which can be from the construction of new areas or furnishing some others that are currently empty.

Among the advantages that most attract attention is that people do not necessarily have to change banks, that is, they can continue with the one they currently find to enjoy the Home Loan.

It is precisely thanks to the previous advantage that you should not hire any type of additional product such as insurance, opening accounts, among others that are annoying on many occasions for customers. It also has a guarantee of withdrawal of up to 60 days , this in case you need to return the money or on the contrary you got it and you already need to pay it.

The main advantage is that you can apply for the Bigbank Home Loan from the comfort of your home or office and if all the documentation you filled out in the form is correct you will receive the money within 48 hours.

Conditions and purpose

Within the different conditions that you have to apply for the Big Bank Home Loan is for example the interest rate, which is necessary to know before requesting any type of credit, this is how the APR is 9.71%, while the TIN is 7.99% , both of which are very advantageous for the clients, since it is below what is offered by other firms.

The term to be able to amortize that Big Bank offers to the users is of 72 months maximum , while the minimum is of 12 months.

The purpose for which the Big Bank Home Loan was created is specifically for renovations for the home, that is, you can hire construction and painting services , as well as the renovation of electrical installations, kitchens, bathrooms, sheds, swimming pool, among some others. You can also buy furniture and appliances for the home.