Successfully Apply for Bank Business Loan For Startup – 3 Steps to Success

A start-up loan or entrepreneurial loan with good conditions: that’s what Intrasavings bank offers. For example, the Intrasavings bank start money for business start-ups. The problem: The loan can only be requested through the house bank. But many house banks refuse the promotional loan.

Find out here how you can still get the Intrasavings bank loan – and get off to a flying start with your company.

The most important thing about Intrasavings bank start-up loans

  • These are your 3 steps to Intrasavings bank 
  • Assistance with the application
  • Expert Interview: “Every bank is ticking differently”
  • Frequently asked questions about the Intrasavings bank loan

In 3 steps to the Intrasavings bank business loan

In 3 steps to the Intrasavings bank business loan

For many founders it is a bitter disappointment. They want to become self-employed, inform themselves, go to their house bank – and are rejected. Even experienced entrepreneurs beats much criticism at their first walk to the house bank. The frustration is great.

Has the dream of starting up a business burst?


Like you, many founders and entrepreneurs are involved. You have to prepare better. Because the house banks grant the Intrasavings bank entry fee only if they are absolutely convinced. You have to work as an entrepreneur.

Step 1: Seek professional support.

Experienced start-up consultants help you to get the Intrasavings bank start-up loan and convince the house bank. The consultants often have good contacts with local banks and know what they are paying attention to. This is how you fulfill all prerequisites in advance.

Step 2: Develop a watertight business plan.

You need a professional business plan for the Intrasavings bank start-up loan. Especially the financial part must be calculated cleanly. This includes a liquidity plan. The market and competition analysis must also be sound. Here a start-up consultant helps with all his business experience.

Step 3: Prepare the bank conversation intensively.

Every bank asks critical questions. But you can prepare well for that. Together with your start-up consultant, you can rehearse the bank conversation. So you appear more confident – and convince the bank. The submitted documents are also complete and convincing through professional preparation.

Assistance with the application

Assistance with the application

Start-up consultants help to write a sound business plan and convince the bank. They also help with the bank conversation. Contact a start-up consultant from your region. The first conversation is without obligation and free of charge. For a consultation there is public funding.  

Consultant from North Rhine-Westphalia has been running business start-up consultancy for years. The focus is on equity and the Intrasavings bank start-up loan